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Learn different ways your community venue can earn revenue 

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How much should you charge? Get a ballpark figure with this tool

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Learn how an online booking system could help your organisation 

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Committee members

How to attract, engage and retain committee members and volunteers

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10 awesome placemaking ideas for your community venue

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18 cheap or free ideas to increase bookings at your venue

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Community Venues Learning Series

Join our free monthly learning webinar series

Each month we host a free webinar for community topics to share skills, resources and learnings for topics you care about. Come network with fellow venue managers and get heaps of ideas and inspiration to help grow your venue. 

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Want your community venue to buzz with people and activity? 

Download our practical guide that will help you activate your specific spaces so they become thriving community hubs!

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community initiatives
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Want to start your journey to better bookings? 

Download the eBook to know more about why it's better to move to an online booking system for your organisation, and all the more why SpacetoCo is that better online booking system for you!  

Sports Clubs

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Rural Halls

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sacred spaces
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Looking for free training for your community venue?

SpacetoCo has a free online course for community venues to learn how to promote their venue online. No graphic or techy skills required. Find out more on the course information page

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Want to convince IT that SpacetoCo is the way to go?

Not to worry - our free e-book will show you how SpacetoCo's secure cloud-based system is the simple solution to all of the above, and more! Put on your sunnies - the future's bright 😎

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online booking system

Celebrating community venues

Why we think community venues are so important for creating incredible outcomes for our society. 

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The ultimate guide to fees and charges

How to approach simplifying fees and charges so you can increase your bookings and automate processes


Why simple is better

The case for community spaces to simplify fees and charges to become more accessible and create more revenue.


How to recruit and retain volunteers well

A practical guide to looking for and looking after volunteers - the helping hands of your organisation

Want to learn the process of moving to an online booking system? Check out our step-by-step guide!


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Community Grants NZ


25+ Grants for community venues

Based in Auckland and looking for a list of grants that could fund your next community project?


Benefits of online bookings for community spaces

Why you should be moving to online bookings. The definitive guide to help you make a change in your centre.


Using Facebook 'Book Now' to increase bookings

How to use this free Facebook hack to get bookings from your existing page



Want to make it easier to manage bookings at your venue?

SpacetoCo is the best bookings software to help you take bookings online, ditch repetitive admin and grow your bookings!

Venues like yours are seeing 10-30% growth in income and getting hours of time back to focus on the work you want to do. Instead of back & forth emails & chasing invoices....

See for yourself how much easier life could be...

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Get the free guide on how SpacetoCo helps communities

Learn more about SpacetoCo and what we do to help communities. Click the button below to get the free download.

Stories from our Co-mmunity

Watch the Kete Aronui story and learn how to grow a sustainable community arts venue

Hear from Hillview Intercultural Hub on how they activate their space and create connection! 

Learn how to create a rate card for your venue

Do you have a complicated rate card that needs simplifying?

Rate cards for community venues can be tricky. Often they have evolved over time and it can be a bit complicated for customers to understand what they need to pay. You may also have 'legacy' rates, where regular hirers are all on different rates from what was negotiated at the time. 

Moving to an online booking system requires making sure your rate card is simple and consistent. This will pay dividends for helping your customers self serve too! Take this short course to learn how we recommend you create a rate card for casual and regular and other services.


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312 Hub, Onehunga

Read how the 312 Hub created sustainable income from their community arts space.


St Luke's Remuera

How they achieved bookings growth in service of their community.


Matt's Story, Perth

How Matt created a side hustle from his neighbourhood studio space

Get to know more about us and our journey so far...

How SpacetoCo was born

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What makes SpacetoCo so unique

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Helping communities achieve their purpose!

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Explore how you can make it easier to manage your bookings and decrease the repetitive admin at your community venue...

One click bookings on SpacetoCo Online booking system for community venues
Automated security bonds with SpacetoCo's online bookings system for community venues
Say goodbye to invoicing with SpacetoCo Online Booking System for venues

manage regular hirers with SpacetoCo's online booking platform for venues
Save time by moving to SpacetoCo Online booking tool & marketplace for community venues
Automate your venue reporting with SpacetoCo - get data at your fingertips

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How do you get return on investment from an online booking system

Watch our community venue partners talk about how they got agreement from their trust lead team to invest in moving to a new system and what the return has been on investing in this change. 

Download your free guide for 8 Easy Package Ideas that Can Boost Bookings 

Customer's love the simplicity of purchasing packages for their events. We run through the most popular package ideas - from breakfast meetings to baby showers, and talk through what to include and how to price. 


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Want to find out more about how SpacetoCo partners with community venues like yours?

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You'll get heaps of ideas for how to make managing bookings more efficient, how to get started with going online and inspiration for how similar venues grow their communities with SpacetoCo. 


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Our proudest moments so far!

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Hear from Elle and Jeremy on their proudest moments so far throughout this crazy journey of starting SpacetoCo!      

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