The simplicity of it all - funding and grant applications

CVLS Video Thumbails

Who knew that seeking out funding for our communities and venues and writing our applications for them can just be so simple? I definitely didn't. When the topic of funding and applying for them always comes up, I always run away from the task. But after watching the most recent Community Learning Series webinar (CVLS) on this specific topic, I left feeling empowered, inspired and certainly up to the task of simply telling stories. 

And that's exactly the words of one of our experts Matthew Goldsworthy from Youth Arts NZ shared. "Funding applications are essentially just story telling" and just like any good story, he also stressed the importance of being able to tell our story to those whom we serve and the impact we make in our communities before telling that story to funders. It's safe to say that the insights we got from this recent CVLS was a valued one.

Alongside him, Ruth Button from Strategic Grants, was able to simplify the process for us even more by sharing her top tips for writing grants. 

Who knew it can all be so simple? 

And to help you simplify things further, we at SpacetoCo just absolutely love helping you out! So we made this free resource of some of the NZ & Australia grants available for your community venue to apply for. 👇

Click here to download the FREE guide to help get you and your venue started in those funding applications!