SpacetoCo is approved by Local Buy for local government procurement in QLD, NT and TAS

For the second time in one month, SpacetoCo is proud to announce that it has secured a local government procurement contract, this time with Local Buy. SpacetoCo is approved as a Pre-Qualified Supplier for Event Management Services LB292.

SpacetoCo has been actively working with local governments in WA and SA. The success of this tender demonstrates to local governments in Queensland, Northern Territory, and Tasmania that SpacetoCo has met the requirements for local government procurement in these states. This news comes hot on the heels of SpacetoCo being WALGA approved

The challenges presented by the COVID pandemic are going to affect local area economies for many years to come. When the era of lockdowns has passed, the solutions for communities to rebuild in a new normal will be needed. Space-as-a-service is one of these things and the SpacetoCo model of a platform that places Council spaces alongside other hirable spaces in the community comes at a crucial time. SpacetoCo is the only booking system considering a holistic approach to community and local area economies.

SpacetoCo only charges for what is used, making it unique among alternative SaaS booking solutions. The SpacetoCo platform provides an enterprise-level solution for replacing several manual processes for hiring a facility, be it for casual, regular, or seasonal hire.

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