SpacetoCo is now a Preferred Supplier with the West Australian Local Government Association

SpacetoCo is pleased to announce its space sharing platform is now a Preferred Supplier with the WA Local Government Association (WALGA). Specifically, SpacetoCo is under the contract, Leisure, Cultural and Community Services (Contract Number PSP005).

SpacetoCo has been working with the local government sector in Australia since 2017 and has continued to be a popular choice for the sharing and management of community facilities with Councils. The SpacetoCo platform is a modern solution to the existing and manual processes for hiring a community facility space, be it a hall, community centre, leisure centre, park or reserve. The platform serves the different types of hirers from casual to regular and seasonal. SpacetoCo saves council administrative staff hours of time by simplifying and automating the processes around payments, bonds, cancellations, COVID restrictions, invoicing, account reconciliation and much more.

The SpacetoCo team started the concept of space sharing to enable more sustainable use of spaces in communities. By adding local government spaces to the marketplace, SpacetoCo provides a space booking platform that allows the community greater choice when it comes to booking the space they need.  When more people use spaces, the flow-on effect to the local economy is significant. Whilst the local council or the local business receives the benefit of this revenue, other local businesses also receive a lift through the increased movement of people.

SpacetoCo has expanded its space sharing services across Australia and into New Zealand. The business is growing strongly despite the impacts of the COVID pandemic.

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