There’s one good thing about 2020...

What a crazy year of upheaval! 

We’ve all been affected by COVID-19, or from other events of this year…  

Here at SpacetoCo, we were left with the sound of empty spaces as cancellation after cancellation flowed through in March, April and May (and again now in NZ). Whilst we learned that we were pretty efficient at cancellations and refunds, it was quite the gut-punch. We also knew that we weren’t alone. Business owners everywhere have taken a hit. Our thoughts are especially with those communities still in the midst of lockdown. Hang in there! 

If you live in an area where sharing spaces has become possible, remember, 100% hygiene + social distancing = reduced risk of COVID. Nothing matters more than stopping the spread and protecting your local community.

While we were feeling sorry for ourselves over Autumn, we doubled down and launched a new version of SpacetoCo... If there was one advantage to everyone being home, it was that we were able to pull off a sneaky new website launch. And truth be told, it might be one of the best things about 2020 for us at SpacetoCo. There are some surprising benefits to sharing spaces at this time:


  1. If you work from home and supplement by using spaces closer to home, you’re naturally helping with social distancing instead of adding to the usual flow of the city commute. We call this decentralisation and it already feels like a change that will be here to stay. 
  2. When we get out and share spaces, we contribute to local neighbourhood economies. When your local places are doing well, you’re doing well.
  3. When you share a space in a local business, you might be contributing to the very survival of that business. Paying to hire someone’s space might be the extra income a business owner needs to pay their rent. In turn, that business owner may have a better chance to support someone else. That someone else could be you. Your local economy is a web and space sharing can really make that web strong.

While we know that we’ll be living with the pandemic for a while yet, it has brought home many lessons. Probably for us, we realise that local is everything. Local is your place, your  home, your food source, your buildings with spaces, your familiar faces and so much more. We couldn’t be more proud in this moment to be contributing to your local and that is what we will keep doing.